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7-9 March 2014 Houston, Minnesota USA

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Nest Box Building


Building Nest Boxes


During the Festival you'll get to build your own owl nest box if you'd like. You will be provided with materials, equipment, and supervised instruction to assemble the boxes, plus instructions for placement of the boxes.

Chose between a box that will work for Eastern Screech-Owls, Northern Saw-whet Owls (and American Kestrels and Wood Ducks) or a box for Barred Owls. Both are made of high quality materials for long life. 

This event is put on by the Houston Boy Scouts, and all proceeds benefits their scouting program.

Saturday, March 8 from 10:30 - 2:30 and Sunday, March 9 from 10:00 - 2:00

in the garage behind the elementary school

Cost is $30/box for either a Screech-Owl/Saw-whet Owl box or a Barred Owl box.
An admission button is also required--purchase this separately at the door.


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